About us

About us

EEROPLANE is an independent apparel brand for aviation and design geeks. Ideas like "Less is More" and "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" are our design rule. Our mission is to create outstanding eye pleasing products from comfortable materials.  

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Our story

Planes are beautiful, aren't they? It started with simple idea to create an aviation tee that I would love. Fascinated by Spitfire, P-47 and P-51 aircrafts in Le Bourget, Lucie and me created Spitfire and Mustang tees for ourselves. But people started to like our designs... so we decided to make first production... EERO was born in small garage at 13 rue Henri Dunant, Anet in France in 2013.

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Head in the sky

What we do is about love to clean design, typography and aviation. And it makes us happy, every sketch, print, new product design. So we hope you will be happy too when opening your order. Our goal is to make a quality product you will love... all EEROPLANE products are tested by professional sport pilots. 


Sustainability act

Since 2016 the majority of our products is made from organic cotton. That means that the cotton is grown without pesticides and water consumption is reduced. The good thing is that the feel of our cotton is very comfy. EEROPLANE Soft hand print inks are water based. So when our t-shirt life cycle ends, it is going to decompose together with the cotton. Our marketing materials and packaging are made from recycled paper or recycled plastic materials to minimize negative impact on our environment. EEROPLANE atelier is non-smoker place and full of plants outside and inside.

Sustainable materials

Lucie Tatarová & Eero Plane

Artist Lucie Tatarová is in the head of our art & design department since the very beginning. She studied print techniques in Prague with professor Axman and profounded her knowledge of print techniques at PRATT Institute in New York. Her "savoir faire" and ethical approach influence our processes. We focus rather on people than on machines.  

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Soft hand print

is a heritage of EEROPLANE brand. We are printing by hand a big part of aviation collection since 2013 by traditional art silkscreen technique. Our inks are water based. When you touch them it is very pleasing and in some colour combinations you even can't feel difference between printed and plain piece of fabric. By this we say no to plastic and toxic materials used in mass productions. 

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Art atelier

All EEROPLANE products are designed in our atelier based in Novy Jicin (Czech republic - Europe). At the foothills of Beskid mountains we try to live in harmony with nature and modern life. Any question you may have please find below additional links :

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